Open to collaboration from May 2022
Incentivizing urban gardeners and urban residents to practice sustainable food cultivation, distribution, and consumption
A quick sprint to redesign the yogurt eating experience
Worked with an ambitious composting facility in Providence, Rhode Island to co-create an educational toolkit for kids to learn everything about composting
Was part of the team that led the open-source initiative called that tracked the coronavirus's impact in India. The crowdsourced effort became a significant source of information for research, state governments, and millions of Indians during the pandemic.
Identified and addressed the hidden but dangerous problem of skill fading in this industry by designing an efficient dynamic constraint optimization model that builds rosters based on a controller’s familiarity with ATC units and multiple safety assessments to eliminate burnouts and dissatisfaction while on duty.
Co-founded an online community building platform for universities in India.
Some days I’m motivated to build tools that make my everyday life easier like syncing my notion table with my google calendar and all that automation jazz. Sometimes they turn out great and sometimes they remain half baked – you can find most of them here.