Since March, 2020

Lead developer of the open sourced project that is currently tracking the impact of COVID-19 in India.

Things I've worked on

Code written either for money or for fun.

October, 2019 → March, 2020

Airports Authority of India

Developed a constraint optimization solution for a dynamic roster system to manage shifts of air traffic controllers. Designed and implemented a web GUI for employees and administrators as an accessory to view and manage their workflow.

September, 2019

Wildfire Protect

Worked on a wildfire parametric insurance product that provides instant payouts to the insured in case of wildfire damaging their property, the other significant feature of this project is to help potential householders to take an informed decision on purchasing real estate by looking at areas that are vulnerable to wildfires.

March, 2019

Visualizing Trees in New York City

Using D3.js and React Routers, this project was built to show a visual summary of the trees present in New York City. Inference between tree and human population separated by zip code zones has been carried out. Statistics include top species, classification by species, health status, etcetera.

February, 2019

Google AppEngine Image Explorer

Open-sourced a web app that supports browsing images from your google cloud’s bucket and provisioning dynamic links for them from google's image serving infrastructure.

November, 2018

Poker in C

A poker simulation between three players. It computes and evaluates the best hands for each player and determines the winner.

November, 2018


Built a corporate facing web platform that aggregates travel and expense data from clients/teams and streamlines the process of setting budgets.

October, 2018

Disaster Relief

Developed a web application that aids in the humanitarian process of rescue and rehabilitation of little towns and communities through crowdsourcing of information vital to immediate survival during an unfortunate event of disaster.

July, 2018

React Audio Playlist Component

An interesting component that I packaged to enable site-wide playlist playback in React Apps. Also experimented with a design different from the rest that's available on the web.

March, 2018

gperf → callgrind → sqlite3

Script that converts callgrind profile data and injects them into an SQLite database.

January, 2018

Visualizing Sorting Algorithms

Visualising basic sorting algorithms.

October, 2017

PHP Banking System

A simple banking system using PHP, PDO, and MySQL.

January, 2017 → December, 2017

The biggest project I’ve worked on so far. Started out as a repository to teach myself Django, ended up building a fully working discussion forum for universities.

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November, 2016

Persistence of Vision Clock

Arduino code used to demonstrate persistance of vision. Simple stuff. It turns five LEDs on with respect to the 5x5 grid pattern to display respective numbers of the clock for 50 millisecond, then off for 50 milliseconds second, repeatedly.