Tried some ramen

So I hung around the two states beside the Hudson last weekend and got a chance to try Ramen Noodles from an actual Japanese chain for the first time.

xkcd 968
xkcd 968

We stopped at Zen Ramen & Sushi on the 36th street right beside Macy's. The place looked pretty with lantern lights hanging from the ceiling and dimmed lights barely enough to light a table for two. And outside, it was just -11C, no big deal really. Thank God for thermostats.

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After gulping down a quick cup of freshly brewed Green Tea, we ordered a Tonkotsu thick noodled ramen. Now I don't know how to eat with chopsticks. I haven't eaten with chopsticks before, let alone handle a noodle with one. Well I practiced getting the position and moves right with the starters, a bowl full of shrimps.

Fortunately, I got most of them into my mouth without dropping any on the table until it finally dawned on that I'm allergic to shrimp. Carpe Diem.

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When I was waiting for the food to arrive, I pictured the ramen to be served on a plate. Cause that's how I had eaten ramen my entire life. However, there. That's how it was served, in a bowl of broth and the noodles buried under the soup bed. These are then times when an instruction manual would be of help, but now everyone at the restaurant is looking at me, waiting for me to figure out the logistics to somehow put this into my system.

The chopsticks were of zero help. It took me 23 tries to pick up those boiled eggs only to slip right out of my sticks as I got it the closest to my mouth. Improvise. Poke them through and nom nom nom. Poke and nom nom nom. Poke through that porkchop and nom nom nom.

Apparently this is how you're supposed to eat it. That big wooden spoon, a ladle? You take that with your left hand, scoop the noodles from underneath and you create a small bowl of some noodles and some broth. Then you poke poke poke, nom nom nom and gulp the broth down.

Do while bowl is not empty.