xkcd turns dark
A dark mode xkcd viewer

Summer has gotten the best of me, and the middle eastern heat has been pretty unforgiving lately. Air conditioners do the work, but I'm starting to miss the real cold eastern winds from a western point of view.

Sleep was late last night and reddit was keeping good company. Mostly because it's one of the few applications that does not burn my eyes in the dark.

I realised I don't visit xkcd.com at night. A whopping 100% due to the comics being white and somehow all the trapped photons inside gargantua escape and find their way into your face right when you open one.

While redesigning my website, I came up with a neat little trick to support black and white pictures on switching to dark mode. A simple css filter that inverts to ~80%, quite literally, inverts it and makes it possible to view them in the dark without losing much of the content.

I create-react-app'd, accidentally made ~700 GET calls to xkcd.com due to a "controlled" infinite loop situation, and came up with a dark mode viewer.


Now r/nosleep and xkcd can both keep me up at night.