Information failure is at the root of many problems in the world. People make poor decisions when they are not properly informed, which can have devastating consequences, from personal tragedies to global catastrophes.

For instance, on a personal scale, there are so many flavors of ice cream, and it's hard to know which one to choose. Do you want something classic like vanilla or chocolate? Something fruity like strawberry or raspberry? Or something more unusual like mint chocolate chip or cookies and cream? The dilemma of information failure comes into play when you can't decide which flavor to choose. You might end up choosing something you don't really like, or you might not be able to decide at all.

On a global scale, many countries fight countless wars due to information failure. When leaders are misinformed about the enemy's strength, intentions, or capabilities, they may make poor decisions that lead to disastrous consequences. Sometimes, people may deliberately spread misinformation to cause division and hate.

As a result, I'm on a mission to help humanity overcome information failure, in all their shapes and forms that I come across, once and for all.

— Jeremy Philemon